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Lionfish are venomous, spiny marine fish in the scorpion fish family. They have red and white stripes, long showy fins, and unique tentacles.  On average they grow to be about 15 inches long.



the Lionfish is one of the most venomous fish in the ocean? It has 18 venomous spines that can cause extreme pain, swelling if you get stung by them.  


The good news is, they are shy and not very aggressive so the only way you’ll be likely to get stung is if you’re trying to get too close.



about Lionfish is how beautiful they are.  Just look at them!





Lionfish are originally native to the Indian and Western Pacific oceans where they live near rocky crevices and coral reefs.  Today they can be found in warmer tropical waters and coral reefs around the world.  



Lionfish eat other fish and small crustaceans.  They use their spines to corner smaller fish and then swallow them whole.



Because they are pretty big and have such dangerous spines, the Lionfish has very few predators.  Few fish are  tough enough to not be intimidated by the lionfish’s fierce, intimidating looks.  Occasionally, a really large fish or eel migh be hungry enough to eat one, but that doesn’t happen very often!



Their main defense is their spines, of course!  They have up to 18 needle like spines on their beautiful, ornate fins.  Those venomous spines can be extremely painful, if not deadly… even to predators as large as humans.














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