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Iguanas are cold-blooded, egg-laying reptiles .  There are many different species of iguana and they come in many different colors including shades of green, brown, gray, blue and even red.  They also vary greatly in size and behavior.  Because iguanas can be found in a variety of habitats, each species has its own unique adaptations.




Iguanas live in the tropical and subtropical forests, deserts and coastlines of Mexico, Central and South America, the Galápagos Islands, the Caribbean Islands, Fiji, and Madagascar.



Even though they can look very scary, most iguanas are herbivores and eat only plants including ripened fruit, flower buds and young leafy greens. Some species diets includes crickets, worms and other insects.



Despite their fierce appearance and size, birds of prey, like hawks and eagles eat iguanas. So some mammals like foxes and rats. Marine iguanas are sometimes eaten by large fish and sharks.




An iguanas best defense is their coloration.  Iguanas are easily able to make themselves invisible to predators by blending into their environment. When threatened, an iguana will hold itself extremely still until the predator has passed.  They also have powerful, whip like tails and sharp spines to ward of predators.




scientists believe iguana can communicate with each other? They do this through a series a rapid eye movements that other iguanas are able to pick up on easily because of their excellent sight.




iguanas have a “third eye”?  It’s on top of their head. It doesn’t have a lens, like a human eye,  but they can sense changes in light and movement with it and helps them sense danger from above.




about iguanas is their fierce-looking long claws that they use for climbing and eating.



Top Photo – Anegada Island Iguana

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