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Baboons are large, very powerful and very intelligent monkeys. They have long faces, short fur, and very short tails. There are five different species of baboons.  They stand over two feet tall and weigh up to 82 pounds.  Their coloring varies based on species and ranges in color from yellow to various shades of tan and brown.



Baboons mostly live in the savannas, forests, and arid areas in Africa and parts of Arabia.  




Baboons are omnivores.  They eat plants and meat. Fruits, grasses, seeds, bark, and roots are their favorite foods, but sometimes they also eat birds, rodents, fish, shellfish, and even baby antelopes and sheep.




Baboons can run up to 30 mph.  That’s really, really fast! 




Even though baboons are really tough, they have several predators. Their main predators include Nile crocodiles, leopards, lions and cheetahs.  The smaller and weaker baboons are also vulnerable to predators such as large pythons, african wild dogs and birds of prey.




Baboons are really cute but they can be very scary! When they are threatened, large males show no fear at all and put on quite a show. They flash their eyes, expose their sharp teeth, make frightening screeches and loud barks, use intimidating gestures, and chase after whatever is threatening them. While the males attack the aggressor, the females hurry up a tree to safety with their young.




even though baboons sleep in trees, they mostly live on the ground. They walk up to six miles a day searching for food and water.




about baboons is their teeth!  They look a lot like human teeth, but some of them are very long and sharp.

What is your favorite thing about them?

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