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The Emu is a large, flightless bird native to Australia.  It is the second tallest bird in the world. They are deep brown or grayish-brown in color with blue on their necks and faces. They have wings but you can barely notice they’re there. Emu’s also have long legs, long necks and long feathers on their bodies. They grow to be about 6 feet tall and about 150 pounds.


Emus live throughout most of Australia, and Australia is the only place where they live in the wild.   Emus thrive in a wide range of habitats, as long as there is a good source of water available. They prefer grasslands, savannas, open woodlands and eucalyptus forests and avoid populated areas, thick forests and dry arid places.



Emus love eating fruit, seeds, grasses, leaves and insects. They also drink a lot of water!



Emus can run up to 30 miles per hour!  




Adult emus are big, tough animals and they don’t have many natural predators.  Dingoes and eagles are capable of taking down an adult emus but don’t often attempt it.  Emu chicks and eggs are much easy prey for these predators as well as for monitor lizards and non-native foxes. 




In addition to being super fast, the emu has incredibly strong legs and long sharp claws.  When a threat approaches it lands a powerful kick or stomps on its predator to keep it away. They also have excellent eyesight and hearing so they know when danger is near.



When threatened, their kick can be very dangerous, but they can also be good-tempered, gentle and even affectionate.





emus have among the strongest legs in the animal kingdom and can actually tear apart metal fencing with their powerful legs and claws?



is the really loud and deep drumming sound they make. Emus also produce a loud booming noise and can even mimic a pig’s grunts.


What’s your favorite thing about Emus?


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