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Komodo Dragon

Posted in Reptiles

The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world, reaching up to 10 feet long and weighing around 150 – 200 pounds fully grown. They live on the land, but young Komodos prefer to live in the trees until they can fully defend themselves. They have short bowed legs, flat heads, and long, powerful tails. 

Most Komodo dragons are greyish brown but some are reddish in color with yellow heads and necks or yellow spots.




The Komodo dragon lives only on five islands in Indonesia.  As cold-blooded reptiles, they prefer the very hot, humid temperatures found there, usually around 95 degrees with 70-percent humidity.  They can live in a variety of habitats found on the islands including the deciduous forest, tropical dry forest and savannas.




Komodo dragons hunt and ambush very large prey like large water buffalo but will generally eat any meat they can find, dead or alive.  They will even eat other dragons!  Their bite was believed to kill due to potent bacteria in their saliva, but new research suggests that they kill their prey with venom released from tiny ducts in their mouth.




Komodo’s can sprint about 12 miles per hour in short bursts. That’s about as fast as an average human.




Komodo dragons are at the top of the food chain, able to kill any other species in its habitat, but sometimes young Komodos sometimes are eaten by predatory mammals, birds and even other Komodo dragons.




The Komodo dragon is an excellent climber and the young Komodos use the shelter of trees to stay safe from predators. Dragons also have a powerful sense of smell as well as a tongue that can ‘taste’ the air which helps them find food and be aware of approaching danger.




Komodo dragons are sometime referred to as killing machines.  They are extremely aggressive and will attack and kill a human at any opportunity.   




about Komodo dragons is their deadly bite!  That’s why they are my top favorite predator.


What’s your favorite thing about the Komodo dragon?