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Red Panda

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The red panda, also known as the firefox, is a medium-sized, nocturnal mammal a little bigger than a large house cat. They are a reddish-brown color with a long, bushy striped tail and short legs.  They are closely related to the weasel, raccoon, skunk and bear families but they are classified in a family of their own.



Red pandas live in the Himalayas and in southwestern China. They spend most of their lives high in the treetops of temperate, high-altitude mountain forests, coming down only at night to forage.




Although red pandas are classified as carnivores, they mostly just eat bamboo.  Unlike it’s relative, the giant panda, the red panda eats lots of other kinds of foods too, like birds, eggs, lizards, insects, small mammals and other plants like, grass, berries and acorns.




The red panda’s biggest predators are the snow leopard and the marten. Also, birds of prey will occasionally catch and kill young cubs.




The cute, innocent looking red panda isn’t so cute and cuddly when it’s feeling threatened.  It has incredibly sharp, semi-retractable claws which it uses to climb quickly to avoid danger and can also use as a defense.  When threatened, they stand on their hind legs and flail their claws wildly to ward off their enemy.  But that’s not the worst part.  When a red panda is feeling threatened, it can release a powerful, foul odor that’s bad enough to make anyone lose their appetite.




Surprisingly, red pandas can be really fast, moving up to 25 mph!




These shy and solitary animals pose no threat to humans.  In fact, they really prefer just to be left alone.



red pandas use their long bushy tail as a blanket to keep warm in the cold mountain weather.




about the red panda is their awesome red color.


What’s your favorite thing about them?


  1. They look so cute but I don’t think I could handle the odor. Do you know how the zoos keep red pandas in captivity from smelling so stinky? Do they remove the scent glands like with skunks? Just wondering.

  2. I learned some thing! I never heard of a red panda. Cute but I wwouldnt want to cuddle!!!

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