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Eyelash Viper

Posted in Reptiles

The eyelash viper is one of the world’s most beautiful snakes. Bright yellow is a common color for this snake, but they can also be found in other colors like red, yellow, brown, green, even pink.


They are a small sized pit viper. This means that it has special pits which help it find prey.  As with other pit vipers, its head is a triangular shape. They are usually between 2-3 feet in length when they are fully grown. The most unique characteristic of the eyelash viper are the scales above its eyes that look like eyelashes.


The eyelash viper lives in the trees, palms, shrubs and vines in the tropical rainforests and cloud forests of South and Central America.  




Eyelash vipers are nocturnal hunters. They eat mostly lizards and frogs but also birds, including hovering hummingbirds and small mammals. As with other pit vipers, they have heat sensitive organs, or pits, between each eye and nostril.  They use these to help them find their prey in the dark.  


They attack their prey quickly and inject a venom through their fangs that kills and begins to digest it before it’s eaten.  When the animal dies, they swallow it whole.




Even though it’s a deadly predator, the eyelash viper is also prey to many animals including large mammals, large birds of prey, foxes, hedgehogs, badgers, other snakes, and fish who all think he makes a very tasty dinner. 




They eyelash vipers best defense is its strike speed and deadly fangs.  The fangs are like hypodermic needles in the upper jaw that fold back when not in use.




Eyelash vipers are non aggressive and usually won’t bite humans unless they’re teased or trampled.  If they do bite, however… watch out!  The venom can be deadly.




eyelash vipers have been accidentally shipped all over the world in crates of bananas?




about the eyelash viper is its powerful venom and long, deadly fangs.


What’s your favorite thing about them?

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  1. I love snakes and thought I knew just about all of them, but I’ve never heard of this little beauty before. Imagine pulling out a bunch of bananas and finding this guy? Surprise! Thanks so much for sharing it with us Cole!

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