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Flamingos are tall, thin wading birds known for their pink or orange hues, long, lean necks, hooked beaks and ability to stand on one leg. Their color can range from a dark coral to light pink and even white depending on the foods they eat. Flamingos stand up to 5 feet tall and weigh only about 3-5 pounds fully grown.  




flamingos have incredibly long lifespans?  Scientists haven’t yet determined how long a flamingo can actually live.  The oldest known flamingo died in 2014.  He was 83 years old!



There are six species of flamingo.  Four of them range from the Caribbean to South America and two live in Africa but can also be found in parts of the Middle East and India and Europe.




Baby flamingos are fed milk by their parents.  It’s a semi-solid substance that both the male and female parents produce to feed the chick for the first few days of their life, until they are able to digest food on their own.


Adult flamingos eat both plants and animals including algae, plankton and a variety of crustaceans. The beautiful color of their plumes comes from the foods they eat which contain pigments called carotenoids.  Most of these pigments come from blue-green algae.  The more of this algae they eat, the brighter their coloration will be.  




A flamingos predators consist mainly of predatory birds including eagles, vultures and storks which prey on flamingo eggs and small chicks.  Other predators include crocodiles, pythons, and mammals such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals, and many more.




A flamingos best defense is to escape.  Flamingos are very strong fliers and at the first sign of danger, they will take flight and the entire flock will follow.




Flamingos aren’t dangerous at all, unless you’re a crustacean.




flamingos can fly at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour?



about flamingos is their beak!  It has a curve on it to help them scoop up their food and it has filters on it to help them sift out the sand and water.


What are your favorite things about flamingos?


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