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Sun Bear

Posted in Mammals

Sun bears are small, shy, mostly nocturnal bears.  They are the smallest members of the bear family.  They have a small, muscular, stocky build, small ears and a short muzzle.  They reach a maximum of about 5 feet long and weigh up to about 150 pounds.  They have short black fur and a crest on their chest that ranges in color from golden to white.  They also have distinctive golden or white patches around their eyes and muzzle. They have very long, curved, pointed claws which they use to climb trees.




The sun bear lives in the tropical and sub-tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.  Their range reaches from Southern China to Eastern India and as far south as Indonesia. Sun bears are excellent climbers and spend a considerable amount of time in trees.




Sun bears love honey!  They also eat termites, other insects and larvae. They enjoy fruits, vegetables, roots and occasionally small mammals and birds. They don’t have very good eyesight but they do have a good sense of smell which helps them find food. They have an extremely long tongue which is useful for eating honey and insects.


Sun bears are one of the most powerful animals of their size and have few natural predators. Tigers are a sun bear’s main predator. Pythons, asian or clouded leopards and Asian black bears are also occasionally a danger.


Sun bears are known to be fierce fighters and will use their long claws and powerful jaws to fight off any threat.  



Sun bears prefer to be left alone.  When confronted they can be fierce and pose a significant threat to anyone or anything who threatens it.




about the sun bear is their amazing, long claws!


What’s your favorite thing about the sun bear?


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